Die Jörg Herbst



Maßstab 1/20
Eigenbau von Jörg Herbst

scale 1/20
built from scratch by Jörg Herbst

Jörgs Nasenbär
ist mit einer Fernsteuerung
und mit Licht ausgestattet


Jörgs Nasenbär
is radio controlled
and has working lights!



copyright © Jörg Herbst 2003


Jörg has built the Nasenbär a long time ago, shortly after he had seen Mark Stevens "Krokodil"

the chassis is taken from of a mororized kit 1/24 scale of the Jagdpanther
(Jörg does not remember which company produced that)

Front, back and many more parts were taken from a "Star Wars SlaveI" kit.
Some parts in the midle include a 1/72 tank turret from the spare parts box.
side cover /track cover are the hull parts of a submarine
(Jörg has no idea which one he did take)
Pilot's seat and pilot came from a SF3d Jerry.
Rocket thrower parts were donated by the slave I and a Seaquest deep ocean transport (Monogram 3601)
Jörg did not take any photos of the build progress, because photos were very expensive back then.

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