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BOMVOL und ZIONEL was dissolved


Gans 1/35

Kroete 1/35 (see bottom of page)


Oskar 1/35

Pakkroete 1/35 (eggplant6)

Kuester 1/35 (eggplant6)

oskar 1/35 /eggplant6)

You will find some more small sized eggplant6 resin kits here as well


Zionel and Westen
Index to1/76 railgun, panzerwerfer, raptor, jerry,
Misc. walkers
1/48 Soldat (eggplant 6)
(no MA.K.Stuff, as far as I know)
4-legged walker

Sturmkäfer - does anybody know where I can buy one?

more links at fireorange

1/35 (??) camel


slightly offtopic - no MA.K. stuff but Extllabor.
You'll find more info on it on

¿¿¿ Does anybody remember where I have found this image ???
: )


Maybe somewhere down from:




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