Nitto Kit 19 Nutrocker P.K.H. 103 1a

Nutrocker P.K.H. 103 1a

In February, 2884, retreating under attack from the enemy AFS., the Shutoral forces developed the Nutrocker, PKH.103, before the PKA was complete. The PKH.103, with strengthened armour, a 100mm tungsten steal turret, two laser cannons, sight, and computer sensors instead of crew compartments, was reconstructed from the Sph.69, the new type of large armoured hover truck at the time. With all the additional weight, a new more powerful engine was installed to make sure that performance was not depreciated at all. Additional heat proof armour completed the package.
The PKH.103 achieved unexpected success, even though it had been designed as a stop-gap until the P.K.A was ready.
Although the PKH.103 performed above expectations, it was later easily defeated by the Mercenary troops' new Super Armoured Fighting Suits.

Chassis Number: 8,001 -
Crew: 0
Weight: 104 tons
Length: 10.80 m
Width: 5.15 m
Height: 4.23 m
Engine: Steyr859PS
Speed: 95 kph
Range: 4,200 km
Radio: FuG35
Primary Armament: Twin 6 cm PW.38 Laser cannon
Secondary Armament:  
Armour: 40-120 mm tungsten armour
20-50 mm special heatproof ceramic armour